Room for the Future

The growing pains of a small company can force them to move to a larger facility, but those with a retail angle often find moving can cut into their business. It may be only a temporary situation until their customers find them once more, but it can lessen the strength of their bottom line. They may decide to choose a larger lot than they really need so they will have room for the future without a costly move.

Expansion for a small business can occur in many ways, and selecting the right location is part of it. For a retail business that may grow larger in the future, undeveloped areas of the property might provide them with future area to grow. Others could consider keeping only their retail rooms and storage on the property if they are unable to find a large enough lot. Their manufacturing might eventually move to a nearby location, and they could be on the lookout for that particular parcel as soon as they are settled in their new location and business is booming once more.